A place where I can find peace amongst the sea breeze and the luscious waves. It’s one of my favourite beaches. Not many people visit Gorai Beach,it’s clean and it gives the feeling of being on your own private beach. Less crowds gives one the luxury of being away from the maddening Mumbai city.

Gorai can be reached by a ferry crossing the Manori Creek or by the overland route through Bhayander.

Many people don’t like to come to Gorai beach as I have never understand why, but I think it is all personal choices that who likes what .

Sunsets are mesmerizing and breathtaking. One gets the Panoramic view of the horizon. The setting of the sun colours the beach with beautiful hues.

It’s a lot of fun frolicking around in the light waves. The wet sand and water foams tickles around your feet. What more could I ask for after a tiring week at the office.

Waves that bring magic. This is the shoreline you should pay special mind to a decent atmosphere, marvelous dawn and nightfall and for local peoples.

We have beautiful coconut trees surrounding the beach and there are villas and inns surrounding them.

After the long walk and playing around in the water one is sure to get hungry. Gorai is dotted with some yummy food stalls. A variety of street food like Daal pakodas and green mirchi pakodas with the dash of garlic powder will be total party for the taste buds.

To simmer down the fiery tongue I can cool into some golas of different flavours like Imli, mango, kaala khaata. What a wonderful way to visit your childhood memories.

What more can one ask for when you need to get away from the hustle bustle of the city and be one with nature in all its glory but can’t afford to get away for a few days. I always head straight for Gorai. It’s pure magic.

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