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Top 5 richest actors of bollywood

Top 5 richest actors of Indian Cinema 2018

Here is the list of richest actors of Bollywood in order of their wealth.

Shah Rukh Khan



binding words - Shahrukh Khan


Best known as King of Bollywood is not the richest superstar of Bollywood but also listed as one of the top most wealthiest actor in the entire world. Shahrukh Khan is a charming actor as well as a true business tycoon known for his sharp business acumen. His Net Worth is $750 million USD (around Rs. 5,100 Crore) and earns an annual income of $42 million USD (around Rs. 256 Crore). Apart from his movie Remuneration, his businesses include Kolkata Knight Riders franchise, Red Chillies Production house, Luxury Cars, Brand Endorsements and real estate investments in London, Dubai, Mumbai and various other projects all around the globe.


Amitabh Bachchan



amitabh bachchan net worth - Binding Words


Best known as the Shahenshah of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan is the legendary actor of Bollywood who has been appraised for playing diversified roles. Though at initial stage he did not get that much attention, but with movies like Zanjeer and Deewar he made himself some fans not only in India but the entire globe. Almost working for 40 years he still seems young and energetic who is passionate for his work. His Net Worth is estimated to be around 410 million USD (Rs. 2600 Crores) and his annual income is estimated to be around 11 million USD (around Rs. 70 Crores). Apart from his movie Remuneration, he has his income from brand endorsements, Luxury Cars and personal investments.


Salman Khan




Popularly known as ‘Bhai jaan’ of Bollywood, Salman Khan‘s name and fame is on the tongue of almost every Human being. As a mega star and with a massive fan base, he is known to be one of the highest paid actors across the globe. From the grounds of ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’ to ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ he has shown his true colours and showed how to rule over box office. Salman Khan’s net worth is estimated to be around 319 million USD (around Rs. 2066 crores) and his annual income is estimated to be around 36 million USD (around Rs. 232 Crores). Apart from his movie salary, his source of income includes investment in companies, businesses, Television hosting, Luxury Cars, Real Estate and some other projects.


Aamir Khan



aamir khan net worth


Popularly known as ‘Mr. Perfectionist’, a well known Actor, Producer and Director. Aamir Khan started working at a very young age, which includes a minor role in Yaadon Ki Baarat, but his career took start from ‘Qayamat se Qayamat tak’. He became the most influential actor of Bollywood Cinema. Aamir Khan’s net Worth is around 207 million USD (around Rs 1350 Crores) and his annual income is estimated to be around 24 million USD (around Rs 154 Crores). Beyond the film industry his includes Brand endorsement, Luxury Cars, Properties. He is well known for his charity and social works.


Akshay Kumar



akshay kumar net worth- binding words


We know him as ‘Khiladi Kumar’, the ‘Boss’ of Bollywood and a man so down to earth that audience love him. Akshay Kumar is one of the highest paid actors of Indian Cinema. He is a trained Martial Artist who perform his own stunts. He does movies on regular basis and is one of the consistent actor in Bollywood. Akshay Kumar Net Worth 2018 is estimated to be around 147 million USD (aroundRs 949 Crores) and his annual income is estimated to be around 16 million USD (around Rs 103 Crores). Akshay Kumar’s net worth includes his property, Production Houses, luxury Cars, brand Endorsements and remuneration from movies. He also owns the team Khalsa Warriors in World Kabaddi league and is one of the highest tax payer of the country and does charitable work too.


Note: Net worth could be different than original. It’s only based on estimates and figures.


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