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YOGA: A Weapon for Personal Transformation, Success and Happiness

Yoga is about conquering mental tranquility and physical competence. It shows us how to live life with freedom, awareness, balance, grace and content.

Yoga inclines us towards unity and selflessness. It helps us evolve naturally towards a more harmonious, wholesome and awakened state of mind. An unbalanced mind is the root cause of disappointment and sorrow, but when conquered, becomes the rationale behind true contentment. With simple exercises practiced regularly, we can learn to relax and free our mind to transform ourselves and appreciate the subtle life experiences that otherwise go unnoticed.
Not only does “Yog” help us in evolving into better individual, but it also brings flexibility in our body. It helps us exude an aura of positivity, of relatability – with other individuals and with nature. People go to the gym and bury themselves beneath heavy workouts. They unnecessarily stress their bodies with strenuous work and often end up being disappointed by their slow growth. Yoga, on the other hand, will compel you to introspect yourself and be calm, composed, and fit; both physically and mentally.
Yoga imparts a certain insight, which in turn leads to wisdom and freedom; the very essence of the art.
One must experience this endlessly evolving process, for it cannot be apprehended without the consistent enactment. It brings the energy of inspiration and transforms it to the reality of action.

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