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A Day at Lonavala

From the hectic working days for what we always wait is for the weekend I am always like (kab ayega Sunday) ie when Sunday will arrive. It is always fun to plan whole week what to do on weekend and I keep myself energized by planning with it.

I started my journey on the bike for a change instead of going by car. But real fun to travel Lonavala is by Bike only where you can feel the rain, cool breeze and not forget the smell of greenery.

We were only 4 who were going to Lonavala with 2 bikes 1 was Unicorn and another was Pulsar. I had never traveled so much with the bike but if it’s monsoon and you really want to experience something amazing then you should really try this someday.

In monsoon traveling by bike is so awesome can’t explain in words. I left home in the morning around 10:00 am and with many breaks in between for selfies, photos chai breaks reached in the afternoon around 2. If you are nearby to Thane or Mumbai it takes min 3-4 hours to reach. I was so amazed by all the roads and routes because I have never traveled to Lonavala by which the excitement was more. The wide roads of Panvel and Khopoli were really added more excitement.

Mesmerizing weather with a magnificent view this only add new flavor if you are a person who loves such kind of view. Drizzling rain and smooth roads with magical weather such an awesome experience it was. But if you are traveling by car then you can directly take Pune Express Highway by which the duration of time gets less approx. it takes only 30 mins to reach Lonavala.

As we entered Khandala Ghats it was the magical view I just felt that I will touch the clouds, turns on the Ghats, pleasing roads with attractive drizzles of rain experience was just wonderful.

We just took a small break for hot Chai and Vadapav this is our Mumbaikar’s favorite staple food. As we were standing on the Ghat having Chai and the view was so divine.


As we moved forward we just spotted one spot where one whole mountain covered with greenery and the main attraction was waterfalls. Just can’t take my eyes off of there.

After moving from there when we were reaching towards Bushi dam the whole road was covered with fog I was so afraid because I was not able to see as also I am nonbiker so the level of fear on the turns and on the ghat was on the different level but my friend was very confident.

It is so good to have something hot in such climate we had Maggi ( I just think Maggi is amazing at such places whether it is normal Maggi or cheese Maggi) Also Corn pakoras and Cheese pakoras you should definitely try out very delicious.

As we left from there was no mood to leave but was scared of being stuck in traffic we stopped to grab some Lonavala Chikki like how you can return from there without chikki fudge and jellies.

As we were returning tried to capture some images from the Bike itself.


It was such a lovely and amazing experience to travel in the monsoon to Lonavala. I am so much excited to travel again.


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