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Hichki Movie Review

Hichki Movie Review

Naina Mathur, M.Sc, B.Ed is looking for a teaching job. She gets rejected from every school she has applied to as she is suffering from Tourette’s syndrome. It causes her to break out in tics and make embarrassing noises in the most inappropriate situations. After being rejected from almost 18 schools she finally lands a teaching job in her own school. The catch is these bunch of 9th graders are the ones who nobody wants to take on. The rejects from Mumbai’s slum areas. Oblivious to the havoc they are going to inflict on her she is very happy to land a job because nobody wants to have her on their teaching staff. The 14 misfits try every prank some funny, some dangerous to scare her into quitting. She stands her ground and along the way inspires them to get over their “Hichki” to appear victorious not only in the final exams but also remove the social stigma of being good for nothing slum dwellers.

If you are a movie buff then this movie will remind you of Michelle Pfeiffer’s Dangerous Minds sans the teacher having Tourette’s. Nonetheless, this movie is inspiring for all teachers out there and even students who belong to the upper class, academic excelling bunch. The movie has some light moments in the first half with Rani Mukherjee (Naina Mathur) trying to live a normal life with her hichki’s. How she struggles with not only the society but also her father accepting his daughter with these embarrassing tics.  But these laughable moments do not throw punches on the sensitive issue of a medical condition that is to some extent crippling for a person. The syndrome has been handled with care and gives awareness. The second half of the movie deals primarily with the students and how they go from struggling to stay in school-to-school toppers.  The candid moments between Rani (Naina) and the students will bring a tear to your eye. It is a social movie that brings awareness and also tugs at those heartstrings. Overall a good movie that lets the audience think about those less privileged than them along the way it makes the audience think about the Hichki’s in their life and gives inspiration to not make it their weakness but their strength.

Rani is subtle in her performance with Tourette and never does she go over the top. Her look is perfect as a young, unmarried teacher. The movie does not make you sympathize but it definitely makes you respect those who are battling any medical condition. Watch it for some cute moments and of course for Rani who is a powerhouse of the performance. The 14 misfits are to watch out for too.  The movie never drags big thumbs up for the editing, the dialogues are crisp.  There is never a dull moment. So if you are thinking of giving it a miss, think again.

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