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The Betrayal

In the vicious grip of a nightmarish dream,

far beyond the grasp of reality’s realm,

I thrash my limbs in a silent scream;

My eyes are on fire, with every unshed tear,

as I fight a nocturnal war, with demons that jeer,

I’m jolted awake, frozen in crippling fear;

I jerk up among tangled sheets, in a tormented rush,

every pore of my skin has released a toxic flush,

I muffle my sobs, as my heart whispers ‘Hush, baby, hush!’

Why, oh why, did I give him such power?

I’d ignored the signs when the relationship had begun to sour;

Hadn’t I always known that he wasn’t a worthy lover?

My restrained sighs revolve around his betrayal,

I’m left breathless, wasn’t my love true and loyal?

My mind reels in an orbit of constant denial…

Residual feelings hum like perpetually mockingbirds,

they strangle my throat, like soured curds,

my soul has withered & died, smothered by his lying words.

‘Oh, get a grip!’, commands my mind, ‘for you have only yourself to brace…’

I throw my arms around myself in an awkward embrace,

& tell myself ‘Stay strong, Babe, & soon, this pain shall vanish without a trace…’

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