What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you here about Mumbai ? Chowpatty, Pavbhaji, Gateway of India, Amitabh Bacchan, Bandra, Antilia, list is endless but one thing sure no one will miss is Marine Drive.

I have heard many times from many people about this place. One of my neighbor said , day or night ,you can anytime visit there. That only thought was so exiting for me. Since then, marine drive was on top of my list. I was on Mumbai tour with family in 2005 .I was 19 that time. After whole tiring day of Mumbai darshan we finally went to marine drive.  It was already 9.00pm. Honestly, I was bit disappointed. This is the place everyone used to talk about? What’s so special ? Normal sa samundar hai. We walked for about 15 – 20 minutes and then sat down facing towards sea. My sister was busy checking out Mumbai guys. (She was 16 :P)

After some time, I was gazing at the endless waves and was enjoying the breeze. I saw many couples, young and old, college going gangs, families, fitness freaks who were there for walk or jog with the Walkman in one hand and bottle of water in other. This was so exciting for me. Because until that day, walk always meant a pass time and reason to meet friends for people who gets retire. Like my grandfather. The sight was awesome and so refreshing. If you visit in evening hours, you also get to see the Queen’s necklace. Keep your face towards sea and you’ll lose yourself. We were there for an hour I was in no mood of leaving. But we have to travel along way so have to leave. But a part of me was there. That was the day I promised myself,  I will be back here.


In 2010 , again I got a chance to visit Mumbai. I was just done with my MBA and was working in Pune. One weekend my friends planed to go to Mumbai. As we reached Navi Mumbai everyone was giving ideas like lets go to Chowpatty or Bandra. I said, Marine Drive chale? everyone agreed. It was 3 in morning. I felt like i came back home. I stood there for i don’t know how many minutes just feeling the breeze. This is the best De-stress therapy. Everyone was clicking pics, chatting and I was calmly sitting there. No matter whatever time you go, chai is always available. And someone was selling bouquets too , never know you might get romantic and want to shower your love to someone. We were there till 7. Once in lifetime everyone should  experience this. After this I used to come here in a month or two, to refresh myself.

There is one more reason why this place is so special for me. One weekend I was here with my colleagues like usual at midnight, and this guy from our gang proposed me. I never knew about all this till that moment but what impressed me is he has chosen my favorite place to express his feelings. I said yes after long time but that moment became special. Midnight, Waves, Breeze, Star lights, Flowers and an extremely good looking guy saying he likes you. What else do you need?  When i asked him where should we go to celebrate our 6 months anniversary he said Marine drive chale? I blushed. How can i deny. Those were the most magical days of my life.  A year later , we broke up again he chose this place. We both were sitting quietly facing towards sea just one word I ‘m sorry babe. I couldn’t keep it in and broke down crying. we both did.

This is the only place where i have experienced heaven and hell, but nothing has stopped me to come back here. I have to travel twice or thrice in a year to Mumbai for work. Either i go early in morning or if I am having company then i prefer going late night. No matter what time it is couples are always here, someone getting proposed few getting their hearts broken, few dreaming about their future, and few of them just making memories.

Marine drive

I have been here at night, early morning, midnight, rainy days, most humid days,  in short i have been here countless times and will continue to do so. This is my relaxing therapy. If i am in town and anyone asks me where shall we meet ?  you know what I am gonna say 🙂


“Marine Drive chale? “

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